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§     Long-term Interest Free Programs
§     Revolving Line of Credit
§     Promotional Financing Offers
§     No Annual Fee
§     Special Sales Events and Savings Offers
§     $0 Fraud Liability
§     24/7 Secure, Online Account Management Tools

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§     12 & 6 Month Deferred Interest Options
§     Revolving Line of Credit
§     No Down Payment
§     No Minimum Purchase
§     Monthly Account Statement
§     Industry Leading Technology
§     Premier Choice in Secondary Financing

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§     No Credit Needed
§     12-Month Program and 90-Day Option
§     Low Initial Payments
§     Flexible Payment Options
§     Take Your Furniture Home Today
§     Instant Decisions



West Creek Financial at Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Washington DC






West Creek Financial is a lease-purchase program 

• 9 out of 10 are approved regardless of your credit history. 
• Instead of using credit history, our approvals are based on verification of income, employment and checking account. 

The finance company purchases the merchandise for you after which you lease back the items with payments on your pay schedule. Lease payments are 15% of the invoice per month. example: $1,000 invoice = $150/mo payment. The terms of the lease/purchase agreement are for 12 months. 

All the customer needs: 

• Photo ID 
• SSN or Tax ID Number 
• Checking Account 
• A debit card with at least $40 

There is simply a processing fee of $40 which is refundable if the customer chooses not to proceed with financing. 

90 Days same as cash – You pay only the invoice amount and the application processing fee within 90 days of the delivery date. 
65% buyout option – After 90 days you may own the merchandise outright by simply paying 65% of the balance left on the account.